Welcome to Foxspace. I’m Fox.

This space is my twist on the Digital Garden idea, seeking to bridge the gap between personal website, blog, note archive, and knowledge repository.

If you’re unsure where to go from here, you may find it useful to start at:

  • An index of my longer, self–contained posts, or
  • The retellings of my TTRPG sessions, which include both single–player journaling games as well as nights spent telling stories with friends, or
  • The interactive map of this website at the bottom of each page.

Foxspace is built the way I wish the Web as a whole still worked—to serve and reach people, not advertisers. It’s built with open–source software, has no trackers, and remains usable without Javascript, and even without CSS. It respects your privacy and the intellectual rights of the countless people who have, knowingly or not, contributed to its existence. You can read my notes about its design and the code that powers it, and find a privacy statement and list of open–source licenses at Privacy & Acknowledgments.