7DRL2019 - Day 1 summary

Day 1 of 7DRL2019 is over!

Here’s how 7 Days to Rigel is looking so far:

  • I laid out the rough structure of the game and the engine. It’s designed to be easily extensible, so that later on, writing mechanics and actions and objects is just a matter of filling out the fields and won’t carry the risk of having to rewrite major parts of the code.
  • The game has a logo and a functional splash screen.
  • I’ve started porting code over from Vibropyke, the procedural plot generation system I never finished.

Here’s the plan for Day 2:

  • Implement the main game mechanics: movement, interaction, FOV.
  • Build an options menu, letting you change font size and rebind keys.
  • Start working on map generation. Read up on prior work.

I’ll report back tomorrow!