7DRL2019 Day 2 - disaster strikes!


Day 2 of 7DRL2019 is over, and… I pretty much haven’t done anything.

I worked a bit more than I should’ve, yesterday. I made the last commit at… 9 AM, and went to bed to take a nap, thinking I’ll wake up around 2 PM and continue working. 9 AM

I, however, overestimated my ability to wake up to an alarm clock, especially when still under the effect of my medication (which has the unfortunate side-effect of being really good at making me fall asleep) - and woke up at… 8 PM, instead of 2 PM. It is now 2 AM and I’m about a quarter of the way for map generation.

We’ll see if this means I already screwed up, or if it’s just a minor setback. 7 Days to Rigel is intentionally designed to be an absolutely minimal proof-of-concept for narrative plot generation, and the only real features to cut if it turns out I can’t make it are music and… builds for Mac.

Lessons were learned. Don’t consider your body and its needs just another challenge to overcome.

Will report back tomorrow!