Foxspace is a triple entity; it exists across all three sides of the thinning divide between the physical, digital, and conceptual realms.

Conceptually, Foxspace can be described simplest as a sanctuary for thoughts and ideas. At its most basic, it’s a repository of notes—a Digital Garden. It is, however, quite unlike other abstractions over note organization—it’s not a storage for information, but a living space for it. The ideas and thoughts that inhabit Foxspace - its residents - have just as much agency over themselves and their environment as I do over myself, and, just like a “real” person, grow and change with time and leave a permanent imprint on anything and anyone they interact with.

The process of musical composition and improvisation frequently gets compared to a wandering, an exploration, offering a myriad of alternate paths and passing sights—some beautiful, some terribly unpleasant—for the musician to choose from. My thoughts flow in a similar way; the path they chart—the pages they occupy in Foxspace—will ultimately be one of logical consequence and contextual relevance, but on the way there they inevitably mingle with and pass by scores of other thoughts. Most will pass by in silence, never to be seen again; some will be acknowledged by a nod or a wave; fewer still will engage in polite small–talk over a shared topic of relevance or even turn of phrase. Very rarely, that dialogue will spark a lasting friendship or conflict, the two thoughts becoming inseparable parts of each other.

The links in Foxspace are those friendships, dialogues, and passing glances between its residents. It’s not meant to be navigated as a chronological blog or even a wiki—which it may seem similar to, at a glance—it’s meant to enable retracing the journey of each thought living here, and to follow its growth and interests. The information here is meant to be befriended rather than referenced.

Physically, Foxspace is the living space I share with those of its residents who get physical forms and become my roommates.

Together, we continuously build and refine the digital infrastructure that enables Foxspace to exist in and interact with the digital realm—as