This page serves as an archive of my self–contained posts that may not directly connect to other pages. You’ll find here:

  • Monsters, a traumaqueer view of Becoming; of Less and Else; of empowerment, reclamation, and comfort.
  • Away, Games, or the most important albums the Garages have ever released.
  • My experiences with gender and identity, and empowerment through dehuman pronouns.
  • Thoughts about slippery slopes in online “AI Art” discourse.
  • A schematic of the Seymour Duncan Triple Shot.

Game retellings:

  • Dance with a Devil, the turning point in the life of my longest–played and most beloved CRPG avatar, coming halfway through Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 (spoilers ahead!)
  • The Moth, a three–player session of “Goblin Market”.

Whenever I feel like writing something longer, rather than just taking notes, I look to my list of Things I’d Like To Write About in hopes of writing something that will make its way to this page.