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2022-12-10 · 144 words · 1 min

Metacausality in Narrative Action Planners

Over the years I’ve found that numerous video game genres have a “Holy Grail Game”—a concept or archetype of the ultimate game in that genre, and a popular goal for developers. I’ve heard it jokingly said that “Dwarf Fortress In Space” is the game every colony management dev wants to make; Warren Spector wants to make the “One City Block Game”, every MMO dreams of having everyone on a single instance with no limit to the depth of just how personal and unique their avatars can be, and everyone working on narrative generation dreams of building either a “procedural Star Trek episode simulator”, or a procgen murder mystery detective game. Today, I want to talk about the approaches one might take trying to build that last one, and a few concepts which may make it easier to achieve.

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